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Jointing compound

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The quick and easy solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and concrete paving. So simple to use, ProJoint™ Fusion™ allows an untrained hand to consistently deliver perfect joints every time - whatever the weather!

Available in two colours - Neutral (buff) and Mid-Grey. It delivers a weed free, frost resistant joint, without staining the paving - saving you time and money.

  • Suitable for use in wet weather

  • Professional strength

  • Premixed, ready to use

  • Cement free

  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic, ideal for paths & patios

  • Perfect for Trade and DIY use

  • Non hazardous

15kg tubs £30 each inc VAT


Apply Fusion™ when ground temperature is above 0°C. Liberally soak the paving first and then empty the mix evenly onto the surface and work quickly into the joints using a brush or squeegee. Mist the surface and compound with a soft spray of water to flush the material down into the joints. Top up any low joints and repeat as necessary.

Once the water has drained away then sweep the paving with a fresh soft brush at 45° to the joints, and remove any excess. A trowel or iron can be used to achieve a traditional finish if required. The product can be used in light rain but prolonged and heavy rain will delay the curing process and increase the risk of fluid damage.

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