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Clearance slate

These all have some issues, they may have a particularly prominent Quartz vein, discolouration, minor damage or be quite riven in finish. All have at least 30% off original ticket price.

Slabs have a sawn edge and thickness range s from 25-35mm as a rule.

These are all subject to availability on the day, please check we have the size you require if you intend to travel any distance to collect.

900x600   £20.00

900x900   £50.00

1200x600 £30.00

1500x750 £75.00

1200x900 £60.00

1800x900 £130.00

1200x750 £50.00

1800x600 £70.00

1800x750 £100.00

These are for collection only, we will not deliver this particular item. PLEASE check availability before you travel.