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Premium Black limestone paving

Price from £20.00


Sourced from India, Our Premium grade black limestone is a popular product, If you are looking for a more contemporary look, then this product is ideal. It will fade to a pale grey colour over a period of time, But the colour on this product can be preserved in its original black colour by using our colour enhancer which will help it keepits colour

The stone is machine calibrated to a thickness of 25mm, with a natural face and clean sawn edges

Available in 15m2 mixed size patio packs, we are also happy to spplit packs if you require a different quantity.

Packs consist of the following sizes;

900x600, 600x600, 600x290, 290x290

All crates are checked before leaving site and any breakages replaced or additions added, but please allow 10% for breakages, chips and corners during transport/delivery due to the nature of the product when calculating the amount required.

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