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first image for Blue/black Z shape Split face culture slate

Blue/black Z shape Split face culture slate

Price from £12.96


Our Blue/Black Z shape split faced Culture slate is great for creating a feature wall, used in large or small quantities, it can be used to create unique features or to compliment other materials used alongside it. These tiles are formed from individual pieces and bonded at the rear to create ready made panels which can be adhered to the wall.

*TIP* Stagger the joints on the tiles to give a joint free appearance.

The tiles are Z shaped to enable you to create a seamless appearance to the area being covered.

Overall size 400mm x 100mm approx

Overall coverage 360mm x 100mm approx

Area coverage 0.036m2 per tile

Available in Boxes of 0.36m2 (10 pcs)

Price per box   £15

This is in stock and available for collection.


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