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50mm Kandla Grey wall copings

Price from £15.00


Our silver / grey 50mm wall copings are made from natural sandstone and have a natural riven surface on the top with hand dressed edges to the sides and ends, they are calibrated to approximately 50mm thickness

Sizes available from stock:

600x250x50 £15.75 each inc vat  

600x300x50 £18.90 each inc vat 

600x350x50 £22.05 each inc vat

600x400x50 £25.20 each inc vat

350x350x50 £14.90 each inc vat

400x400x50 £18.80 each inc vat

450x450x50 £23.25 each inc vat

500x500x50 £28.25 each inc vat  

550x550x50 £33.75 each inc vat

600x600x50 £40.00 each inc vat   

Please be aware that this is a hand finished natural product, so size and colour can vary.

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