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Universal hand rail

Price from £4.50


Our universal handrail is designed to act as both the top and bottom rail without the need for cutting fillets to fit between each spindle, for best results use one rail for the bottom, and two rails for the top.

1.8m  £5.40

2.4m  £6.90

With the channel to the underside of the bottom rail, screw upwards into the spindle to secure it in place (picture 2)

Once all spindles are secured into position, add the first of the top rails, again with the chanel facing down and screw through the top rail to secure the spindles in place (picture 3)

Once all the spindles are secured top and bottom, fix the constructed panel in place, once this is done the top rail can be fixed in placed using screws inserted from the underside. (picture 4)

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